Frequently Asked Questions...

Q: My venue doesn't have a piano. Can I still book you?

A: Yes! Greg plays a portable electric piano - a Kawai ES8, which can be sent through the PA system, along with Amy's voice.


Q: Some of your demo recordings have other instruments playing (You Don't Have To Say You Love Me is completely orchestrated!) Can I have that version, live at my wedding/event?

A: Yes! Greg produced the mixes personally, so the piano and voice parts can simply be removed from the mix and performed live with the rest of the backing. You could also have just piano and voice, the choice is yours.


Q: Can all my requests be orchestrated?

A: No. Any tracks we have in the demos page on the website can be played live, but it would be impossible to create backings for every song in our set lists. However, for a small fee professional backings can be created on demand.


Q: Can I request specific songs/pieces?

A: Yes! Even if it's not in our current set list, with sufficient notice we are able to learn additional songs specifically for you.